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Our reason for being is to satisfy the needs of our customers, offering them products with the best quality, freshness and variety on the market. Frugasa buys 85% of its products in Mexico and the rest in the United States.

Frugasa's philosophy is to have the freshest product at the best market price.


We are a work team oriented to develop the objectives established in the short and long term both in the sales of our products and in the collaboration of our Human Resources, thus achieving the profitability of the company. This is always detecting new paths, ways and opportunities to achieve business growth.


Satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes, ofreciéndoles productos con la mejor calidad, frescura y variedad.


Honesty, loyalty, teamwork, responsibility and respect.

Each work plan is developed according to the needs of each client.

Our history

The Frugasa company was originally called Gaona Fruits. It began in 1981 in the downtown market, on Julián Carrillo street. The first sales of the company began mainly as purchases and sales in the same market.


Through the years and thanks to the preference of our clients, we began direct purchases from national farmers and in the year 1987 we began the purchase of American products in the city of El Paso, Texas. 


 Later we moved to the Chihuahua supply center and in 1993 the company name "Frugasa" was born. In order to be able to continue supplying our customers in the best way, we opened our second warehouse in the Chihuahua industrial complex in 2006. 

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